You will receive POWER!

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8)

Power — Dunamis — dynamite! We have had a weekend full of the Spirit's dynamite here at Living Rock Church. What a pleasure and honour to have Dr. Roger "Dunamis" Aubrey ministering amongst us over the last few days.

I worked out over the weekend that I have known Roger now for over 11 years. I first met him as a fresh graduate on a young-adults weekend-away he was ministering at when I was based in Manchester. It was great to spend time with him and his wife Dianne. Jacqueline and I were greatly blessed by their fellowship. But what really made this weekend so powerful were the encounters with the Holy Spirit.

On Saturday Roger ministered to those in leadership roles in the church. It was a powerful time of anointing and equipping. I found the time when we moved into bringing messages in tongues and interpretations particularly exciting. I have felt for a while that this is an area we have needed to see more of in our congregations, and when some brought a message in tongues for the first time it came with such clarity and power that it was clear that they had the anointing for it (just been holding it back?) anyway I have an expectation we will be seeing more of this, and all the other gifts in the weeks to come. While the Spirit was ministering to us one man was sovereignly healed. No laying of of hands, not even a prayer, but when he stood up at the end of the meeting, he realised that the intense back pain he had had for the last month had just gone. He was deeply moved by the goodness of God. He is good all the time in so many ways!

This morning we had more powerful encounters with the Spirit. Some spoke in tongues for the first time, and many were knocked off their feet when the Spirit came on them in power — including me! I'm so grateful to God, for the way he is abundantly blessing me with the greatest gift of all — his presence!

Oh, and it's my birthday today (a decade, decades and half a decade!). So who could think of a better way to celebrate than amongst God's people with the Spirit of God moving in power. Thank you Roger for your ministry, and thank you Jesus that you are still working by your Spirit to raise up a people who will give you glory in the whole earth.


Anna Sacha said...

Amen! and oh yeah! he is Dr. Roger Dunamis Aubrey.

Sarah Blake said...

BIG Happy Birthday wishes to you! Sorry I forgot yesterday. Ali and I were talking about it in the afternoon and figured you'd probably got a pretty good birthday present from the Holy Spirit! God is so good isn't he, knows us SO well!

Chris HH said...

Absolutely, Sarah! God gives the best gifts... all year round!

Roger said...

Chris: great to be with you this weekend. Your guidance on what to eat in Indian restaurants ensured a restful night's sleep. In all the kerfuffle yesterday I forgot to say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

alix said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Chris! God is so good, what an amazing morning, we have a lot to be excited and expectant about! Expect and even better birthday next year!