1,000 Hits

A landmark day for my Blog. I have just had my first 1,000 hits. Over 800 of those have been this last month alone. Nearly 100 people have viewed this site, from the UK, USA, Norway, Canada, South Africa, Luxemburg, and India. Thank you all! I'd especially like to thank all of you who come back regularly - you're the ones who keep me Bloggin'


MARCOS said...

Keep on Bloggin'

Chicago (USA)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris! I have been reading your blogsite for some time now and think you have great stuff! Keep blogging! -Chris Negron

joseph goulden said...

wow dear chris this is realy awsome i was spending time in prayer yesterday and your name came though my head over and over again and a burden came upon me to pray for you ive never met you or heard of you and the name chris harmer hodges came over and over to me so i prayed in tounges untill my burden was rested and the lord spoke to me again and said ask him to ask me what he wants and i woke up this morning and went on rogers blog and saw your name and that youve got a blog about what jesus wants to do for us question please email me kingdomchild_85@hotmail.com are you going to bible week.

Suemitch said...

Years ago I wanted to do something like blogging.. but it didn't exist! Now it does, it's time for me to join the throng!

Well done Chris on 1,000 hits! I know who to come to for help on my own blog. :-)

Chris HH said...

Wow! Thanks for all your encouragement guys; It means a lot.

Sue: Go for it! I'm sure you have good things to say - We'll put Nuneaton on the map!