Floreat Academia

I have just discovered that my old school The Edinburgh Academy now has its own entry in Wikipedia. Famous ex-pupils include Magnus Magnusson the original television presenter of "Mastermind", and James Clerk Maxwell, the great physicist (and devout Christian) whose equations of electro-magnetism feature in my previous post "And God said..."


liambaillie said...


Just noticed the blog about Edinburgh Academy. I have an old Edinburgh Academy Hymn Book and in it is the hymn 'Floreat Academia'

Do you know anything about this hymn? i.e Was it sung at special occasions or school assemblies etc.

If you could get back to me it would be much appreciated:


Anonymous said...

Its generally just used for special occasions such as the school exhibition on the last day of the school year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! I'm leaving the academy this year (exhibition tomorrow). I'm a christian too! just thought i'd leave you a comment to say hi!

Chris HH said...

Fantastic! Great to hear from you. Every blessing for your future after the Academy.