God is good all the time.

We had another great celebration on Sunday. All the congregations of Living Rock Church were together, and we had Keri Jones preaching. One of the themes that came through the worship and the word, was the goodness of God. He is good all the time, and everything he does is good. It is not just his miracles that are good, but all his works. Every day is a good day, because each day is the day that the Lord has made, and he does not make anything that is not good.

Today is a good day. I thank God for the coffee I drank when I woke up; I thank him for the air-conditioning in my car as I drove to work on this hot summer's day; I thank him for my health; but most of all I thank him that I am his, that he has called me to be a part of his purpose in this world. God is good!

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