The Corporate Anointing

"It is like the dew of Hermon, which flows down upon Zion"

Exciting news. As a cellgroup, we are joining the congregation in Coventry for the rest of 2006, to help the work get established in that great city. It's good for the Coventry folks, as we come along side to support them. It's good for the Nuneaton folks, because all sowing in faith leads to reaping, and the smaller setting will provide many with more opportunity to exercise the gifts that God is stirring in the group at the moment. It's good, I believe for the Kingdom, as together we work as one for the forwarding of God's purpose for the honour of Christ. An exciting time all round.

Yesterday was our first meeting together, and I had the privilege of bringing the word of God. I spoke on the corporate anointing; how God does not just want us as individuals to be full of the Holy Spirit, but his purpose is to bring together a people who will corporately be filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph 2:22).

God is seeking to anoint a people to impact a multitude! (Numbers 11, Joel 2, Acts 2, Acts 4)

For my vision of what the church should be like, the bar is set by 1Co 14:24-25. That the corporate anointing of the Holy Spirit should be so present amongst us that not only are all involved in manifesting spiritual gifts, but unbelievers who enter will be struck and convicted by the powerful sense of the presence of God and exclaim "Surely God is among you!" We are not there yet, but it is good to know your destination when you set out. Not just individually but corporately. Just as Abraham when he set out, was not just responding to the personal call on his life, but he was drawn by his corporate vision of the city. A people where God is truly manifest.

That's my heart for what God wants to do amongst us in Coventry, and I'm excited to be a part of it!


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Anna Sacha said...

Amen to that!! You can count on my prayers!!

Unknown said...

I'm excited to be involved and thank God that he's placed me in this place!

Anonymous said...

Exciting times Chris! I know that both you and Jacqueline will be bring a vibrant dimension to the great work that has been taking place in Coventry, gonna miss you guys though... evry blessing to you and your cell group.