No one to be empty handed

"None shall appear before me empty-handed."
(Ex 23:15, Ex 34:20, Dt 16:16)

When we come before God in worship we come to give. We give our worship, we give our finance, we give our testimonies of his goodness, we give him praise, we give ourselves in obedience to his Holy Spirit. Yet too often when we come together as the people of God, we can come with a passive attitude, one that only comes to receive. We should not have to be cajoled into worship, it should be an overflow from hearts that are already full of his goodness and grace. We should not come before the Lord empty handed and then at the last minute root around for something to offer to him, or just assume that someone else will give something and we can just join in. We should come ready to give. That is the kind of worship God has always looked for, and overflow from generous hearts who are eager to give, and have not come before him empty handed, but have readied themselves with something to offer up.

When you come together, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Let all things be done for building up. (1Co 14:26)


Anonymous said...

Chris, superb insight into the nature of worship. The references from Exodus are so telling about the attitude with which we should come before God - as you describe, with an overflowing, generous heart. I also believe that within this command is a promise to God's people - He will always put something in our hands ready to give if we choose to. Good post!

Anonymous said...

IT actually refers to the redemption of the 1st born under Jewish sacrificial law..nothing more...no extended application.Not good to add or subtract from scripture for purpose of money.People ought not make the mistake of being little popes

Anonymous said...

If it feels good..it appeals to our covetousness to get to spend on our pleasures and give to people who preach this error