Out of the Ark(ive)

I rediscovered a great website today that lets you go back in time! Well, not literally of course, but it will let you browse a website as it appeared at a given moment in recent history. www.archive.org is the site and the "Wayback" machine is the device; check it out!

It's particularly useful for browsing websites that no longer exist! Like our old church website www.covlifechurch.freeserve.co.uk that we had for Covenant Life Church Hinckley, before we merged with Rock of Life Church to become Living Rock. Most of the site is antiquated and no longer relevant, but it was the Preaching Notes section I was really interested in.

It was a bit disappointing to see that many of the messages were not archived; although the notes we made were terse, there were some great messages recorded there! Then it dawned on me, that since I was the webmaster of this site, I had an archive of my own of all these messages that I could make available to the world again through the medium of my blog.

So here is my very own "Wayback" machine to the Covenant Life Church Preaching notes of 2000-2001. Enjoy!


Matthew said...

Excellent Chris! There is some good stuff on there!

Christopher Alton said...

Thanks Chris! Was really good to go and look at some of that stuff. It was good WORD.

Peter Middlemiss said...

Chris, This is great, what strikes me is this is more than what "was" great stuff, sorry Chris, it "is" great stuff.

Often we need to live in the revelation of the message and once we are doing that we need to look back at the message and get new revelation. The challenge for me is am I living in my now revelation, regardless of how old the root word is.

On a separate point I had great fun looking back at how web site design has changed over the years, in particular if you look at Microsoft and IBM and the where there image has changed based on the way there opinion of the web has changed.

Kev C said...

This is awesome Chris, I'm like a kid who has just found a sweetie tin crammed full of goodies! Most of this word is from before I had given my life to Jesus, wow I'm gonna be busy - I hope you will keep this link open and available from your blog site, I've got some serious reading to do! Bless you Chris.