Ephesians Every Month

I'm starting a new reading plan on Monday, and I'm inviting you all to join me. It's not a substitute for your existing Bible reading devotions, but a supplement. The plan is to read through the great book of Ephesians every month. This is inspired by something Keri Jones said to us as leaders at Living Rock Church a while back; basically: "Read through Ephesians every month."

To make this easier, for those of us with the technology, I have created three RSS feeds for this reading programme. You can chose the one which corresponds to the Bible version you prefer. I have done NIV, ESV, and NLT, which should cover most bases.

For the Luddites who don't know what do do with an RSS feed, you can still follow along the old fashioned way. I am using a four week rolling programme with readings on Monday-Friday as follows:

Week 1
Monday 1:1-10, Tuesday 1:11-14, Wednesday 1:15-23, Thursday 2:1-10, Friday 2:11-18

Week 2
Monday 2:19-22, Tuesday 3:1-6, Wednesday 3:7-13, Thursday 3:14-21, Friday 4:1-6

Week 3
Monday 4:7-16, Tuesday 4:17-24, Wednesday 4:25-5:2, Thursday 5:3-7, Friday 5:8-14

Week 4
Monday 5:15-21, Tuesday 5:22-33, Wednesday 6:1-9, Thursday 6:10-20, Friday 6:21-24

To collect our thoughts, I shall be following this through with posts each day for the next four weeks. I shall probably still blog about other stuff too! May the Lord open our eyes to the wonders in his word, and may we catch his eternal purpose for his people, the Church, in Christ.

Here are the RSS feeds I promised. The first reading will arrive on Monday. Let me know if you have any difficulties.

[Update 23/03/06: You can now subscribe by email to the version of your choice. I have also included details of how many fellow readers we currently have. Those who subscribe by email are included in the figures.]

Ephesians Every Month Feeds
English Standard Version
New International Version
New Living Translation

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Anonymous said...

Great idea Chris, I'm subscribed!

Marcos said...

Good Chris!! Count me in! I will begin the plan Monday.

Anonymous said...

I'm a luddite it seems... still no matter, cos I'll be with you brother on this the luddite way! (lol), see you soon. Kev

Cameron said...


Chris Hamer-Hodges said...

Luddite: one who dislikes or opposes advances in technology.

Used a bit tongue-in-cheek in this context.

I guess it is a UK word. It has its origins in riots of the 19th century, led by Ned Ludd, who destroyed the new textile machines, which he feared would reduce employment.

Bill Gnade said...

Good for you! My you be blessed!

I once heard a professor relate a story (I've no idea whether it is true) that a Catholic and an Eastern Orthodox leader were both asked what is the one most important epistle in the New Testament. The Catholic answered that it was Romans; the Orthodox, Ephesians. Of course they are both wondrous letters. But Ephesians speaks to me more immediately and deeply than Romans. That is why I set out as a young man to memorize it. It is an easy book, and a worthy one, to commit to memory. I've lost much of it over the years, though the fragments are reconnected with a little effort.

Peace and mirth,

Bill Gnade

Bill Gnade said...

Oiks! That should be, "May you be blessed!" Please know that the mistake is no indication of insincerity on my part! Be blessed, indeed!

Bill Gnade

Anonymous said...

Chris, Cameron... on the luddite theme... don't really oppose advances in technology, just have difficulties mastering it sometimes!!

Chris Hamer-Hodges said...

Bill: Must be my slight dyslexia, but that is how I read your first comment any way! Thank you for your kind comments. Grace to you; I'm sure you know that gnade is German for grace. Great name!

Kev: That was the sense in which I was using the word really. Not in its strict anti-technology sense, but as a cheeky "get with it, guys!"

russn said...


GREAT idea! Count me in.

Several years ago, just out of college, I was working towards memorizing Ephesians. My efforts fizzled in early chapter 3.

Signed up for an RSS feed as well.