The Bible in a Year

Ever tried to read the Bible through in a year? I have many times, and even succeeded once or twice! Currently I am in my second year of reading the Bible through in 2 years. I am getting more out of this; it is far more manageable, easier to catch up when you fall behind, and gives you more time to meditate on what you are reading.

Whether you take 1 year or 2 years, I would recommend to every Christian to read through the whole Bible. It's all God's word, and it's all there to do us good. If you don't have a plan to read it all, you generally tend to stick to what you are familiar with. If you are unfamiliar with some of God's word then you are more likely to be led astray by fine sounding yet unbiblical doctrines (and yes, there are some out there!) The mature man of God who is familiar with the whole world of God will not be easily swayed by every wind of teaching, or the ideas of the latest band-wagon or best-selling paper-back.

If you do want to try this, you don't have to wait for 1 January! And with the wonders of modern technology you don't even need a specialised 1 Year/2 Year Bible, it's as easy as reading your favorite Blog. (btw. you can easily use a 1 Year Bible as a 2 Year Bible; just divide the readings in two, and ignore the dates at the top).

The One Year Bible Blog Is a daily blog that provides links to the scriptures, a basic outline and exegesis, and gives you the opportunity to leave your reflections in the comments.

Also if you have an RSS Aggregator, such as sharpreader or feedreader. Then you can subscribe to the Bible in a Year in either the popular "One Year® Bible" system, or the M'Cheyne system. There is a list of feeds available at http://www.gnpcb.org/esv/share/rss2.0/.

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Chris - great post! Thanks for encouraging others to dive into God's Word daily. I have a friend who is actually on a 3-year plan w/ the "One Year Bible." Which I think is great. However folks can make it happen to be in God's Word each day - please make it happen!

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