Male and Female he created them...

I watched a very interesting documentary last night on BBC1: Secrets of the Sexes. It seems Science is now confirming what we knew all along - Men and women think differently! The sexes are different, not just physiologically, but psychologically too.

Although some stereotypes were debunked, many were confirmed. Women in general are better at empathy, and men at spacial awareness. There was a great part in the programme where a man and a woman had to answer questions while having a brain scan. They were shown pictures of people and asked what emotion they were displaying. The woman's brain scan showed lots of activity in the part of the brain responsible for emotion - she accessed her own emotions to empathise with the pictures she saw. The man's brain scan was equally telling - there was zero activity in that part of the brain! He answered the questions as a purely intellectual exercise.

Why does society have a problem with differences? Why is it politically incorrect to say that women are different from men or to say that people from one culture are different from another? The reason seems to be that most cannot distinguish between difference and inequality. If two people are different - one must be "better" and the other "inferior". So highlighting the difference between the sexes is seen as "Sexism" and highlighting the difference between cultures is seen as "Racism". Whilst such prejudices are to be condemned, the pendulum has swung too far the other way; political correctness is robbing us from rejoicing in the diversity of God's creation. Every human being is different, but all are loved equally by God who "shows no favouritism". What society should be striving for is not a sexual equality that tries to ignore the differences between men and women and pretends they don't exist, but a sexual equity, that recognises the differences but treats each with the same respect and value.

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I couldn't agree more!!