Revival in Nuneaton!

A headline from the past, that is destined to be a headline in the future!

One hundred years ago the Welsh Revival was in full swing. During this time, there were similar localised revivals in England. One of these was in the Midlands, and the epicentre was Nuneaton. It started in 1905 after a week of united prayer in the town. Soon after, special trains had to be put on to transport the people coming into the town for the prayer meetings!

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WESTERN MAIL, Dec 9th 1974

Sometimes the folks in Nuneaton feel like they are on the edge of what is going on, or that they are overlooked in the strategies and plans for the region - but on God's map Nuneaton is not on the edge, it's right in the centre! The revivals of the past, are just foretastes of the ones yet to come.

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Amen, Amen and AMEN!