More on Faith and Science

I have just discovered an excellent Blog: Real Physics, written by a Christian with a doctorate in physics. He argues extremely lucidly (much better than me) against Darwinian evolution and for Intelligent design.

I wonder how many such individuals it will take before the Darwinists drop their assertion that evolution is a universally accepted theory amongst the scientific community, and that all who disagree are uninformed and naive??

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[UPDATE: The author of Real Physics has pointed out that "Intelligent Design" is a movement with views that he does not completely endorse. I used this term in ignorance of this fact. See the comments to this post for more information - or better still visit MJ's site and see what he has to say for himself - it's good stuff!]


Lawrence Gage said...


Thanks so much for the link!

Just a slight modification: I'm not quite arguing for ID, as in the ID movement. The theory is certainly much better than Darwinism (and how!), but it does have some problems of its own.

I plan to write about those problems at some point. But for now, I'll say that the problem with ID isn't that it's unscientific, but that it is TOO scientific.


Chris HH said...

Thanks for the clarification, MJ.

I have to confess, I'm not overly familiar with the definitions of these terms, or the movements they represent. I look forward to reading your posts on these matters.

Great to have your input!