Siblings Safe

You have probably heard by now about the dreadful terrorist attacks on London this morning.

One of my brothers and my sister currently live in London. I have just heard that they are both fine and unharmed - Praise God! My brother was at a tube station when the bombs went off, but he was able to get out and walk back home. My sister is currently stranded at Heathrow, with no public transport to get her home, but my mother has been able to book her a flight up to Edinburgh to stay with her.

Pray that they will know God's peace at this time (they are not believers). This is the second time they have been in proximity to a terrorist atrocity. They were in New York on holiday on September 11, 2001.


Cerys Wood said...

Have prayed and will continue to pray for your brothers and sister Chris. Your one brother and your sister have certainly been made very aware of the fragility of life through these terrorist attacks! May their hearts be stirred whilst experiencing the peace of God. Much love to you and Jacqueline from Tim and I.

Chris HH said...

Thanks Cerys. Much appreciated.

Roger Aubrey said...

Praise God your family are safe.

Anonymous said...

God is good Chris! I thank him for protecting your family. I will pray for those who have lost loved ones. -Chris (USA)