Breakfast Fellowship in the Sun

Had a great time of fellowship and food this morning with the Nuneaton cellgroup.

We met at ours this morning, and sat out on the decking in the morning sunshine drinking fresh filter coffee, and eating croissants and bacon buns. Now that's living! The children had fun too, running around in the garden.

It was a big success. Have to do it again soon.


Suemitch said...

Breakfast was excellent!!!

The sun was warm and the food was delicious.. and the company was educational! I enjoy sitting with knowledgeable folk and pretending I can join in the conversation! lol Those guys really know their computers!

Thanks for the input men!

Marcos said...

It sounds like a great meeting.Your cell makes me hungry! What are bacon buns?


Anonymous said...

Can't beat that!-Chris Negron

Chris HH said...

Bacon buns: Don't tell me you never had one!?

Take a bread roll (warmed in the oven is best), slice it open, and put in one or two bits of hot fried back bacon. Optionally add a light spread of butter on the roll, and ketchup to taste - then sit back and enjoy the taste of heaven on earth.

My sister once tried to turn veggie. She lasted less than a week. First morning she came downstairs to the smell of frying bacon, she crumbled!

Joacim said...
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Joacim said...

It`s nice to be with friends!

I was just checking out some blogs and
a found yours! I`m from Norway, so maybe my English is not so good.

God Bless!

Chris HH said...

Welcome, Joacim.

Thanks for your comments. It's good to make new friends too; come back any time.