Game on! Time for a bit of fun and some healthy competition. Here is a computer game I wrote. It is a clone of the arcade classic - Pacman. The HiScore table is global, so let's see who can get the highest score.

You may need to be patient the first time it loads. If you have problems, make sure that your Browser is Java enabled. You will need to click inside the game before it will respond to keystrokes.

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move around. [P] pauses and unpauses the game. [ESC] to kill yourself off quick.

Techie Details: I originally wrote this game in the mid '90s in AMOS for the Amiga home computer. A couple of years ago, I ported it to Java so it could run inside a web browser. The hardest bit was getting the HiScore table to be persistent and universal. The security restrictions imposed on Java Applets make this quite a challenge. I finally achieved it a few days ago - so enjoy!


Suemitch said...

Thanks Chris! never a game I really enjoyed tho! But at least I've set a standard for others to easily beat! :-)

Marcos said...


We used to play this game all the time.My wife still enjoys MS. Pacman to this day. It is still popular in the U.S. even though it is an old game. Thanks