Curry Night

Had a great time last night with some of the guys from the Nuneaton cellgroup, and Lee. There was plenty of humour, and laughter and great food! We also spoke about the works of God - we reminisced about the great things he has done in the past (Lee shared his testimony again of how he turned from drugs and violence to give his life to Christ), and of the amazing things that are happening overseas (the accounts from India of people being raised from the dead, and new believers simply taking the Bible at its word, without any education in scepticism or doubt, and going out healing the sick through their prayers, and leading many others to know Jesus as Lord.) Yet we also spoke faith to each other that these things were not just for the past, and not just for other nations - but for us, here and now. I shared what I had discovered about the 1905 revival in Nuneaton, and how the whole atmosphere of the town was changed in just one week.

A lot can happen in one week; people, towns, nations can be changed forever. That's the expectation I have for the upcoming Bible Week that I am going to with the churches linked by Ministries without Borders. I'm going expecting to be changed, equipped and empowered, and to come back ready to make a difference for the Lord, in Nuneaton, in the UK... in his world!

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