Go with the flow

I had an expectation that we would have an encounter with the Holy Spirit last night, and I wasn't disappointed!

I met with the folks from Nuneaton, for the mid week meeting we call "Cell". Normally we follow a pattern known as the 4W's. Welcome, Worship, Word, and Witness. Which encapsulate the four most important things that should happen when we meet together. Fellowship, focussing on God, hearing his voice, and going out equipped to do it. Last night we had a plan along those lines, but God had a different plan - we never got past the worship.

God gave us a word through a prophecy, that he was going to open doors for us, and we should step out and push them. The Spirit was moving, and I felt that we shouldn't move on until we had received the word more specifically. In the end we ended up praying and laying on hands for all the members of the group in turn. It was a powerful time - everyone went away with an extra impartation from the Spirit, and a specific word from God, of which doors he wanted them to push.

I love meetings like that. I like coming together to meet with God's people, but I love it when we powerfully meet with God. That's what it's all about. Any structure or program only exists to serve the life it contains, and should always defer to that life. We should never love our pattern or way of doing things so much that we cannot defer to the Spirit's promptings. When he is moving, we shouldn't move on - but go with the flow. He leads the best meetings!!

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Suemitch said...

Looks like Im missed out on a blessing... but sometimes work has to come first :-(