More Free Software

A couple more great free software applications to draw to your attention.


Desktop blogging tool for Windows. Allows you to jot down your thoughts as and when they come to you in a Notepad like editor, and then automatically logon and publish them when you are ready with a single click. Essential tool for the busy blogger.


Convert almost any document to pdf accurately and for free. Works by creating a psudo-printer. When you select this printer from Word (or whatever other application you are using) instead of printing it creates the pdf document after prompting you for the filename.

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Suemitch said...

You are a usefull chappie to know Chris!

Next year I'm teaching a new online GCSE at school and all files have to be converted to either html or pdf! Our school doesnt possess a pdf writer program! I'll pass this on to my boss! :-) Many thanks!

Tim said...

Don't forget the openoffice.org office package. Usual wordprocessor, spreadsheet etc but can also export as PDF. It will work with MS Office files aswell.

It is also free

Lawrence Gage said...

Thanks for the great links!

A couple other high-quality FREE programs:

FastStone Photo Resizer

VCW VicMan's Photo Editor